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There is a genuine warmth within our home, allowing us to create an environment where every Resident retains their individuality.  We fully support our residents' independence, and maintain their respect and dignity at all times.  We encourage the exercise of choice in all aspects of daily activities, and aim to promote self-esteem and a sense of belonging which brings complete contentment to their lives.



We aim to help residents exercise the opportunity to select from a range of options by:

  • Providing meals, which enable residents as far as possible to decide for themselves, what, where, when and with who they eat and drink.
  • Keeping routine down to a minimum and ensuring it does not dictate a resident's life style.
  • Respecting individual, unusual or eccentric behaviour of residents.


We want our residents to realise the potential aspirations and abilities in all aspects of their lives, we will assist this by:

  • Informing ourselves with each residents characteristics and history.
  • Providing a range of leisure and recreational activities.
  • Respecting religious, ethnic and recreational activities.
  • Helping maintain and create new relationships and contacts.
  • Listening and attending promptly to any residents desire to communicate at whatever level.

Health and Personal Care

We aim to provide the best possible care by:

  • Assessing residents with a G.P. and other health professionals.
  • Carrying out careful procedure in all aspects of medications.
  • Giving clear guidance on how to complain.

The Home

We will uphold and improve the standard of the home by:

  • Maintaining the building, equipment and grounds.
  • Providing sufficient staff with high skills mix to care for all residents.
  • Operate quality assurance systems.
  • Keeping accurate records on all aspects of the home and residents.
  • Ensuring the Health and safety of residents and staff is promoted at all times.
  • The happiness and rights of our residents is at the front of our philosophy of care.
  • We encourage residents to exercise their choice and rights to the full.
  • Our ultimate aim is to provide the highest quality of care.


At Greenacres we recognise that in a communal setting it is not always easy to maintain the privacy of residents. We aim to maximise this privacy by:

  • Providing locks on cupboard and bedroom doors.
  • Offering a range of seating areas around the home.
  • Encouraging personalisation of bedrooms and usage for meals, entertainment and leisure.
  • Giving care in intimate situations as discreetly as possible.
  • Ensuring privacy with written and oral communication.
  • Ensuring confidentiality of information.


We aim to preserve our residents' intrinsic value in the following ways:

  • Treating each resident as a valued individual and always address them in their preferrred way.
  • Helping residents present themselves to others as they wish, by their own clothing and personal appearance.
  • Compensating for the effects of disabilities on their communication, physical functioning and mobility.


We will work with residents in order for them to retain as much independence as they desire by:

  • Encouraging residents to help formulate their care plan.
  • Retaining family and friends outside the care home.
  • Not using any form of restraint unless essential for their own safety or others.


We want residents to feel safe and secure and free from fear by:

  • Having secure premises, both external and internal.
  • Providing locks on doors.
  • Screening all staff for criminal records.
  • Questioning and approaching all unknown visitors.
  • Protecting residents from all forms of abuse.

Civil Rights

We work to maintain our residents' place in society as a citizen by:

  • Ensuring residents are given the opportunity to vote.
  • Giving full and equal access to all public services, including the N.H.S.


Meals and Snacks are prepared by our in-house Chef, who ensures there is always an appetising, nutritious and varied menu choice available, using only the freshest produce. Special dietary needs and personal tastes are also catered for.
Residents can choose to enjoy their meals with others in the dining rooms or, if preferred, they can be served in the privacy of their own room without being restricted to rigid mealtimes.
Hot and cold drinks are always available.


We promote a full and active lifestyle wherever possible and encourage each resident to exercise their own choice in all aspects of their daily life. We wish residents to feel very much at home and as such rules and regulations are kept to a minimum.


Here at Greenacres, it is easy to make new friends and enjoy the social companionship of other residents. With our own co-ordinator, activities and events are regularly organised including: bingo, board games, arts & crafts and musical nights. Day trips also take place to such places as the coast and the theatre.

We also have our own book collection, which is suplemented by a library service that regularly calls at the home. In addition, newspapers and magazines are available on a daily basis.
Other amenities include a hairdressing service which is also provided on site. We hope to help provide those little things that can be so important to a resident's quality of life.

Personal Posessions

Residents are always encouraged to bring personal belongings into the home, such as ornaments, pictures and small items of furniture to make their room feel as much like home as possible.


  • Bath hoists
  • Emergency lights
  • Fire detection alarms
  • Parking facilities
  • Daily in-house activities
  • Wireless 24 hour nurse call system
  • T.V.sockets in each room.